Henry Gray

$100.00 - $5,500.00

Henry Gray lived and ran cattle for 50 years out on Arizona’s Sonoran Desert. He
was 72 when I met him in 1970 while I was working on a National Geographic
story about the U.S./Mexican border. While in Tombstone I’d heard about this
man who lived alone out on the desert and I decided to go visit him. When I
arrived he invited me in for a cold glass of water from his butane-fueled refrigerator. We talked for a while.

In the oven-like heat of that country Henry wore his shirt buttoned up to the top, his sleeves buttoned at the cuffs. The head of a long horned steer, its hide dried and cracked, loomed out from the wall of his bedroom. Next to it was an American flag. A 48-star American flag. Henry told me that when his teeth had gone bad he pulled them himself with a pliers. He’d never lived in town. The government was trying to push him off his land, he said. “I go in for supplies about every two weeks or so,” he said. “But I never seem to do no good there. Sitting around gets the best of me. I don’t believe I’d last long in town.”

This flash sale print is a 6” x 9” image on a 9” x 11” paper. It is an archival ink jet print on archival watercolor paper. It is signed in graphite pencil on the front border. It is a perfect gift for a young aspiring photographer or for anyone who loves photography. At a price of only $100.00 it is a bargain not to pass up. All prints are shipped via USPS priority mail. Please be advised that all international custom fees apply and is the responsibility of the buyer to determine those charges. Prints may ship no later than two weeks from order date.

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